Croatia dreaming

I knew something magical was happening.

I was on the pub patio, having a craft beer, and in the corner was hostel entrance. There was a door before the corner where music flowed out. Old music with mandolins and guitars and fiddles. More people started to arrive and a door on the other side wall was opened. Musicians from one room dawdled with beer but eventually moved to the other room.

And then that’s when I started to talk a guy that didn’t speak English well. And my Croatian is limited to ordering drinks… there was a lot of miming on my part.

I learned that the musicians were practicing, and dancers were dancing as there was going to be a film made of the 100th anniversary of this particular club. We drank and I watched for an hour. The musicians then joined us. One spoke better English and they told me their story and I told them mine. Some of them have not seen each other for years. Their harmonies were incredible. Then we went deep into a restaurant in the palace. The evening turned to night and night eventually turned into a downpour.

My cheeks still hurt from smiling. Isn’t it a wonderful life.

jedínstvo noun
(Cyrillic spelling једи́нство)
1) unity

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