48 hours off is not enough

Well shit, tomorrow is already Monday.

I planted 30 tomatoes, 30 peppers, 3 basil, 6 eggplant, 15 climbing things (cucumbers, cantaloupe, a couple different kinds of squash, and loofah) on the arches, along with 6 pumpkins and two artichokes. Not sure about the spacing on the arches but I am sure that will figure itself out.

Right now the garden looks like a homeless camp with a ton of cardboard laid down… I use
Cardboard to smother the weeds so I don’t have to weed as much.

The way back flower garden (aka fire pit area) has lots of coreopsis coming in and a lot of flowering weeds. It is gonna take me a good amount of time to get my vegetable garden sorted, and I am afraid those flowering weeds will seed…

I then mowed the front lawn as it was too humid to do real work.

Bonanza rode with me on the floorboard of the mower. I cannot tell you that I haven’t called him…Moose, or Sydney…because I have; but most of the times it is “hey baby” followed “Bonanza, NO”. I love him so. He is the best thing that has happened to me in more than a moment.

He does have his own instagram page now… you can follow his reels at Bonanza_the_Borador

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