Cracked eggs


It was a long walk on a short plank, but I have finally done the craziest thing.

I am dehydrating eggs. I have an abundance of eggs. I have been selling some to workmates. I have contemplated leaving a self serve egg stand at the end of the driveway. I have scrambled the eggs and fed them back to the chickens, the dogs use to get some scrambled eggs on a weekly basis. I anticipate that Bonanza will also get some scrambled eggs in what I hope to be his long life with me.

But what if…what if there was a way to store them, but not take up precious counter space, refrigerator space or freezer space?

Low and behold there is.

Dehydration! One of my Facebook groups had a post. So I started delving into the research behind it. Sold.

I bought a fairly cheap dehydrator On Amazon but it also serves as an air fryer. My brother and SIL rave about their air fryer but poor Nina few days ago, I wasn’t yet ready to take the plunge into yet another thing that makes my life “better”.

There are two ways to dehydrate the eggs. In the first one, the eggs are scrambled and then dehydrated. Not such good reviews with this method—“gritty” was the common theme.

So I went with the second method, of blenderized eggs, poured onto the fruit leather mat. 165 degrees seems to be the safe temperature to kill salmonella. For 10 hours.

Many sources say the eggs are best used for baking, not so much for scrambled eggs. But hey..I bake. And I still have chickens that lay fresh eggs for scrambled, over easy and poached. Winning!

I’ll let you know tomorrow how this worked out.

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