Swarm season

Tomorrow was supposed to be hive inspection day.

For one of the hives it is a day too late.

As I was grabbing a drink of water in the kitchen—I saw thousands of bees in the air. Damn—a swarm. The swarm lifted over the house. As fast as I could I put a hive box together and wobbled with it out front. And in that time, the swarm was gone. If it would have landed in low tree or a bush I would have scooped them into the new box. To no avail.

I left the box out front on the pool steps and put a swarm commander lure in it. Cursing myself, for not getting in them this morning.

I had gotten into 7 of the 9 hives two weeks ago, but lots can happen in two weeks. Tomorrow I will see which hive they came from. And hopefully prevent it from casting a second swarm.

Cursing myself.

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