If the last two days are any indication of me getting “back to normal”, I don’t think I want to be normal.

Let’s see…Monday I fought on the phone with Dominion Power. I had solar installed in December, in January, Dominion came out and changed up my meter and I have waited patiently for the bills to be decreased. They haven’t. So I called Dominion. They say they had no idea that I was solar and that they were changing out meters in the entire community. That is why my meter was changed out. Seems like Dominion never got the electrician inspection check sheet after the work was done in January. So for two and a half months I have been feeding them solar electricity and paying for electricity too. The solar company emailed them a copy today. Fer fux sake. I’ll update you when all that is resolved.

Also on Monday I went to my orthopedic surgeon. He is pleased with the results. I personally was thinking I should be leaping over buildings in a single bound. I think it is about the same as before surgery. He says my knee replacement will continue to improve over the next year. Ughhhh. I want building leaping sooner.

I dropped off some of my handcrafted soaps at work and thank you to all of my coworkers that have bought them…you are helping pay my mortgage this month!

Bonanza made it 4.5 hours without an accident in his kennel during yesterday while I was out galavanting with the surgeon. He is so smart!

Today, I attempted to replace the deck engagement cable on my riding lawn mower that broke on Sunday. I ordered a replacement part, but after dismantling the existing cable I find that it doesn’t fit. Another cable has been ordered. Getting up and down is a chore…but paying for labor fees is more of a chore…

This afternoon I had an appointment with my rheumatologist. I inserted my debit card where I thought it was supposed to go. Ummmm. No. My debit card was lost behind the machine for an hour and a half. The IT guys had to come and retrieve it. I did NOT tell them I worked for VCU—trust would have been lost.

I am going to trial another drug for my RA. I stopped taking methotrexate at the height of the pandemic, because although my team was doing everything possible to protect me, I really didn’t like the risk. And I am not sure I was getting enough benefit to outweigh the risks. So I stopped taking it. I start on the new drug tonight. Please let it help me leap over buildings in a single bound.

But because COVID isn’t over… I also got my fourth shot today (second booster). There are some of my friends that will glaze over when I say this but the fat lady has not even started to sing….

Thank gawd for the people in my life that care about me. And I thank gawd for Bonanza the Borador. He gives my life a new pleasure.

I am tired though. A That was more outings and talking than I have had in three months.

I kind of liked the quiet.

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