Turkey Walkabout

The other tom turkey—also named Julia—who wasn’t involved in the scuffle between the hen (Julia) and the other tom (also Julia) over the past several days, wants to go on walk about. Twice now I have had to herd him home.

Since I am home due to knee surgery, the chickens and the turkeys pretty much free range every day for 8 hours. I do very little wrangling to get them back into their enclosure. All it takes is shaking a cup of food and they high tail into the fenced area to get some free food.

But not Julia the third. He is out behind the trees that were downed to make the garden bigger two years ago. There is a large “U” shaped tree barrier that encircles the back yard. I think that the tree barrier has helped keep predators away from the coop and back yard as I haven’t had a chupacabra kill since the land was cleared.

So Julia the third is back behind the trees seeking solace in the serenity of tall pine trees. I can see him. And he ignores me. And I shake the cup of food and he pretends to ignore me. My knee is not recovered from replacement, but the Julia I know will not be coming back by himself, he needs lured back to his flock. So I waddle, much like the broad breasted turkeys, around the tree “U”, tree bashing, slowly.

My new puppy Bonanza, accompanied me. The dog pound where I adopted him from said Bonanza was part lab and perhaps part Australian Shepherd. I do believe that I might have a turkey shepherd. Bonanza was actually helpful (in a nine week old puppy way) in getting Julia the third back around the trees.

Julia the third got treats once he made it inside the enclosure. Bonanza got treats too.

Puppy nyla bones

Puppy squeaker toys

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