New puppy named Bonanza!

bo·nan·za /bəˈnanzə/ noun

  1. a situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits.

On Friday, a friend tagged me in a post that the local shelter put up. PUPPIES! 8 week old puppies.

I have had dogs. Three very good dogs: Murphy, Moose and Sydney (all Labradors/lab mixes). They each had 14-16 years of love from me. I have had a smattering of other peoples dogs for long periods of time. I love dogs. But when my Sydney passed in February of 2021, I never wanted to feel the pain of losing a best friend ever again.

But. The puppies were so cute!

I emailed the animal shelter and got an immediate email back. An appointment was set up for 3:30 for an interview on Friday along with a meet and greet. I drove the 40 minutes into the city, tears streaming down my face. Nervous, happy, contemplative. If I adopted a puppy, this would be the last dog I will ever have. I am 60 years young. If this puppy lived to be 12-14-16 years of age, I would have his ashes on my mantle along with the others when I was 72-76 years old. Tears. At 4:00 I walked out with the cutest waddle of a black lab Australian shepherd mix that I promptly named Bonanza, my bonus dog.

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